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Texas Agency Alliance Member Agencies are thriving, with access to many competitive companies and top level commissions and profit sharing without minimums. Whether you’re an existing agency or a direct writer, producer, captive or life financial service agent looking to instantly become a new agency, Texas Agency Alliance network is just the strategic alliance you need.

TAA is a Master Agency affiliated with Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA)SIAA is a national network of more than 4,500 Independent Agencies, representing 8.1 billion dollars written premium. Texas Agency Alliance is a growing network of Independent Agencies throughout Texas and offers growth opportunities to agencies wishing to remain independent while being able to compete with larger regional agencies.

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Success Stories

"Prior to joining TAA we had a substantial book of business written through a broker. TAA helped us obtain direct appointments with these same insurance carriers. As a result we are now paid higher commissions and made $35,088 in profit sharing the first year!"
Carter Sharpe

"Two days after joining TAA we wrote a $140,000 workers comp account and took it away from an out of state national broker!  Also, through TAA we were able to write a $70,000 commercial contractor with only three days remaining until expiration.  Our agency had exhausted all of our markets and submitted the account to TAA.  Because of their relationship with the company underwriter TAA was able to quote and bind the account in-house!"
David Brenholtz

"I have doubled my gross commission income in the last 12 months since joining TAA!  I could not have achieved such rapid growth without being part of the TAA network."
Dale Langehennig

"I was in jeopardy of losing a $200,000 commercial book of profitable business due to an insurance company terminating my contract simply because of low volume.  After joining Texas Agency Alliance I was able to obtain a direct appointment with one of their strategic partnering companies saving the business and actually making additional income."
Vic Johnson

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